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Thursday, 23 December 2010

My apologies

I'm just to busy to blog & I certainly do need to apologies to Narelle who did our Fab 9 & I haven't had a chance to post them up for you to see.

Today is the first day of my holidays which I've actually felt like I'm rested - just as well as I'm back to work next Wednesday! I sincerely hope that everyone's Christmas celebrations are fantabulous (a  Karen word) & I know Narelle will forgive me as she is my winner for leaving 10 blog comments - when I see her next I'll hand over a roll of Baja Breezed striped grosgrain ribbon which is retired but still a SU! colour.

Once again Merry Christmas & all the very best for 2011.  I will be blog hopping around starting Monday January 10th looking for the Fab 9 picks on the NZ blogs for the week.

Sunday, 12 December 2010

I'm definitely on holiday mode!

Apologies I finished work for the year on Friday but have been busy with launch parties & just also been a blob as yah I'm on holiday so here's my top picks for the week ending Friday 10th.

Narelle Hoggard has kindly offered to do the upcoming week's picks, anyone else like to have a go don't be shy do volunteer if nothing else you get to see some great looking stuff on all the blogs.

With the coming season of good will to all men I challenge everyone that uses this site as their starting place for blog hopping to leave comments on 10 blogs from NZ that are listed here - when you have left 10 comments leave a comment below & we'll have a wee draw of something I've got that has retired. This will close on Friday 17th and I'll announce the winner with Narelle's picks!

Top L-R: Sharlene Meyer, Vicki Were, Katrina Criglington
Middle: Debbie McRobbie, Narelle Hoggard, Pam Cregeen
Bottom:  Roz Begbie, Sarah Gough, Alison Hydes

Friday, 3 December 2010

Yah summer has arrived!

And so new stamps for us to go OHH and add to our wishlist for Santa.

This week's dose of fabulousness goes to:

Top line L->R: Sharna Russell, Debbie Airey, Julia Leece
Middle: Louise Hopman, Debi Ryan, Carol-Ann Torrie
Bottom: Ann Wills, Sarah Roche, Kristine McNickle

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Better late than never

Just speed hopped my way through all the NZSU blogs as I haven't had a chance to do any blog hopping for quite a few days - some fab projects out there but this is the 9 that caught my eye this week & made me go wow.

top L-R: Sharlene Meyer, Cherie Ward, Debbie Airey
middle line: Helen Williams, Katrina Criglington, Lisa Bullock
bottom line: Keryn Campbell, Pam Creegan, Bron Heslop

Saturday, 20 November 2010

Double the fun

I'm running late & I just can not choose only 9 so here is twice as much fabulousness for this weeks' top picks.
Top L-R: Kristine McNickle, Deb Ryan, Kerryn Campbell
Middle: Julia Leece, Kristine McNickle (2), Carol-Ann Torrie
Bottom line: Callena Lewis, Delys Cram, Katrina Criglinton

Top L-R: Tracey Old, Megan McDonald, Sharlene Torres
Middle: Paula Dobson, Sally Williams, Paula Wood
Bottom line: Lisa Bullock, Sharlene Meyer, Sharlene Meyer (2)

Friday, 12 November 2010

Narelle's fab 9 pick for the last week

Thanks Narelle for offering to pick this week - don't be shy I'm happy for volunteers anytime! I know Narelle from doing classes & she's such a sweetie IRL! As I've been busy it was a lovely surprise to see what she's picked & some fabulous ideas here to keep us all busy for the weekend.

Top line (L-R): Jacqui Jones, Anita Kleinjan, Julia Leece
Middle: Karen Rogers, Kate Tobeck, Louise Hopman
Bottom: Paula Dobson, Sarah Gough, Sharna Russell

Once again thanks Narelle - great job, I hope you volunteer again.

Friday, 5 November 2010

Twice as much fun this week

No way could I condense my favourite picks this week - so going to share 18 fabulous ideas.

Next week Narelle Hoggard has volunteered to do the picks & I'll be mean & only let her choose 9 - so she can see how hard this "job" is! If anyone else wants to volunteer do drop me an e-mail thanks.

The first lot top line from L->R: Jacque Pedersen, Karen Rogers, Ann Wills
Middle line: Julia Leece, Kristine McNickle, Delys Cram
Bottom line: Lisa Bullock, Kerryn Campbell, Debbie (& Sarah) Airey

The 2nd lot of picks top line: Shelley Stewart, Patrice Halliday-Larsen, Paula Dobson
Middle: Paula Woods, Roz Begbie, Sarah Gough
Bottom: Sarah Roche, Sharna Russell, Narelle Hoggard

Sunday, 31 October 2010


this week's fab 9 :

Top L-R: Sharlene Meyer, Bron Heslop, Claire Hardman
Middle: Deb Ryan, Anna Sutherland, Debbie Lamb
Bottom: Jacqui J, Kate Tobeck, Sarah Gough

Thanks for sharing such great ideas everybody, this is not an easy task to pick just 9. I do hope everyone's weekend is going well - so lovely to have the sun back for real.

Saturday, 23 October 2010

Happy Labour Day weekend

The weather forecast is great so hope your's is a fun one with lots of sunshine & maybe just a wee bit of crafting .

My favourite picks for the last week are.............

Top line (L->R): Vicky-Lee Mueller, Debbie Lamb, Heather Stewart
Middle: Deb Ryan, Judy Beetson, Julia Leece
Bottom: Patrice Halliday-Larsen, Carol-Ann Torrie, Bron Heslop

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Running late

I've been working the Dunkley's Craft Show all weekend & was called a Mad Hatter in an affectionate way today (I hope) but I'm definitely the White Rabbit going I'm running late this week. But the wait I hope was worthwhile as I share some fab picks for last week (ending Friday).

Top line (L->R): Anita Kleinjan, Tracey Old, Delys Cram
Middle line: Delys Cram, Faaiza Sherrard, Julia Leece
Bottom line: Kate Tobeck, Sarah Gough, Debbie Airey

Saturday, 9 October 2010

12 weeks to Christmas

Now that's a scary thought so whether you're starting on your cards or gifts I hope there is something here to inspire you.

Top (L->R): Denise Ibbett, Debbie Lamb, Jacqui Jones
Middle: Kate Tobeck, Lisa Bullock, Paula Dobson
Bottom: Paula Woods, Sally Williams, Sharlene Meyer

Thanks for stoppin' by!

Saturday, 2 October 2010

WCMD is today

Yes October 2nd is World Card Making Day (the fact the rest of the world is one day behind us doesn't mean we can't celebrate).

So without further ado my picks for this week's inspiration to inspire us all to create a card & post it away!

Top Line from L->R: Susan Wong, Debbie Lamb, Jacqui Jones
Middle: Julia Leece, Debbie Airey, Paula Dobson
Bottom line: Rachael Knight, Sharlene Meyer, Sharna Russell

Saturday, 25 September 2010

Take a bow the new bloggers

Well lots of my favourites this week the crafter hasn't been picked before & quite a few are "new bloggers" too, so a  huge welcome & do keep up the inspirational work!

Top line L-R: Carol-Anne Torrie, Callena Lewis, Denise Ibbett
Middle line: Judy Beetson, Kate Tobeck, Lisa Bullock
Bottom line: Narelle Hoggard, Vicki Were, Megan McDonald

Saturday, 18 September 2010

Yes the colour renovation is here!

So much "happy colours"  to be seen on everyone's blogs - I'm sure for all of us the news of SU! Colour Renovation was a HUGE shock as we loved our colours so much but I'm so glad they did it now as I LOVE my new colours & it's great seeing so much brightness - just what we need to drive away the gloom that has descended upon NZ in time for the weekend (sigh).

So here's my favourites for the week:

Top line L-R: Sharna Russell, Ann Wills, Bron Heslop
Middle line: Callena Lewis, Alison Hydes, Sharlene Torres
Bottom line: Deb Ryan, Paula Dobson, Sarah Gough

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Running late I know

I've had one of those weeks where 2 am has become the norm for bedtime - so busy, must admit it's absolutely fabulous seeing what everyone is creating with the new products and as most of the demonstrators have now received their orders from the new catalogue - I can imagine my job to pick just 9 will get harder again.

Here's this week's dose of fabulousness as seen on NZSU follower blogs from NZ:

From Left - > Right top line:  Paula Dobson, Delys Cram, Faaiza Sherrard
Middle:  Cherie Ward, Debbie Lamb, Jacque Pedersen
Bottom line:  Kristine McNickle, Anita Kleinjan, Susan Wong

Saturday, 4 September 2010

So much Fabulousness this week

Gosh everyone is busy blogging as we have new toys to show off, my inspiration folder for the week was bulging - so I threw out all those fabulous projects that used "old stamps" & kept the new - then had to choose between double-ups from individuals - down to about 12 now & then had to decide what took my fancy the most but trust me this was the hardest week ever!

To all our readers from Christchurch I'm sure I speak for the rest of the country when I say we're thinking about you & what shocking news to awaken too but nothing like how you were awoken. God bless you all & keep you safe!

Top row (L->R): Yvonne Walker, Di Taylor, Jacque Pedersen
Middle: Deb Ryan, Tracee Jones, Karen Rogers
Bottom row: Faaiza Sherrard, Julia Leece, Megan McDonald

Friday, 27 August 2010


only one word about this week's Fab 9 & that's wow (followed by "hard" as I had to get rid of lots of my favs that I'd saved )

Top line L-R: Debbie Airey, Deb Ryan, Faaiza Sherrard
Middle line: Helen Williams, Jennifer Cram (Delys' daughter), Sally Williams
Bottom line: Sharlene Meyer, Sharlene Torres, Shelley Stewart

Saturday, 21 August 2010

This week's top picks

This week is a combination of the very new to retired sets & in between - thanks all & only 10 days to the new IB+C being launched :)))

Top line (L-> R):Sharna Russell, Bron Heslop, Delys Cram
Middle: Delys Cram, Julia Leece, Paula Dobson
Bottom: Sarah Gough, Sharlene Meyer, Anne Brignall

Thanks all & thanks to Photovisi for the fabulous collage

Saturday, 14 August 2010

Perfect weekend for stampin'

It's wet & windy; so here's this week's dose of fabulousness to inspire us all :)

Top L->R: Susan Wong, Debbie Lamb, Delys Cram
Middle L->R: Keryn Campbell, Keryn (again), Lisa Bullock
Bottom L->R: Paula Dobson, Shelley Stewart, Debbie Airey

Friday, 6 August 2010

Yes Christmas and spring is in the air

No grunge or shabby chic this week - Christmas, flowers & lollies - 3 of my favourite things.
A big thanks to this week's fab 9:

Top L->R: Jacque Pedersen, Kelly Slattery, Carol-Ann Torrie
Middle L->R: Sharlene Meyer, Barbara Taylor, Kelly Slattery
Bottom L->R: Keryn Campbell, Rosie Dunn, Jacque Pedersen

Friday, 30 July 2010

Fab 9 time again

Definite vintage grunge look to some of this week's fab 9. But again what a hard job to choose just 9.

Top L->R: Bron Heslop, Anne Brignall, Jacque Pedersen
Middle L-R: Deb Ryan, Julia Leece, Sharlene Torres
Bottom L->R: Judy Beetson, Carol-Ann Torrie, Karen Rogers

Friday, 23 July 2010

Gosh it was hard this week to pick just 9

I think the winter blues are dissipating & there was some fabulous stuff shared online this week. This is what took my fancy.
Top L->R: Anne Brignall, Delys Cram, Debbie Airey
Middle L->R: Heather Stewart, Helen Williams, Julia Leece
Bottom L->R: Lisa Bullock, Roz Begbie, Sarah Gough

Friday, 16 July 2010

This week's Fab 9

That have caught my eye - they're enough to drive away the winter blues :)

Top from L->R: Vicki-Lee Mueller, Debbie Airey, Helen Williams
Middle from L-> R: Julia Leece, Paula Dobson, Deb Ryan
Bottom from L->R: Sally Williams, Sarah Gough, Vicki-Lee Mueller

Sunday, 11 July 2010

This weekend's inspiration & Photovisi

I was contacted by Maurice from Photovisi - which is a free online service to collage photos - so I've found 9 inspirational ideas from our NZSU blogs to share with you from this weekends blogging.
Top line from (L->R): Sharlene Torres, Rachael Knight, Debbie Airey
Middle line (L-> R): Delys Cram, Jacque Pedersen, Debbie Lamb
Bottom Line (L->R): Sharlene Meyer, Bron Heslop, Judy Beetson

That was a lot of fun so expect more of the same.