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Sunday, 22 September 2013

What do you do with your extra supply of cards?

Hi Crafters,

How many cards do you have in stock? and what do you do with your extras?

I have a plastic container fill of cards I've either received from swaps or made myself at classes or just double ups from a party I've done. The ones I've created I give my family and friends cards I've received are used for samples and giving to charity organisations.

Here are some NZ charity organisations you would consider when thinking of donating:
  • Family Life international
  • Starship Hospital
  • The Cancer Society
  • SPCA
  • St Johns
  • Childfund NZ
  • Northshore Hospice
  • Westpac Helicopters.
  • WSPA
  • Breast Cancer Foundation.
  • Ronald McDonald House Charities.
  • Plus your local church or school may love donations.
So next time when thinking about "what should I do with these extra cards" think about donating them to a good cause.

Now onto this weeks pics...

Have a good week everyone, and happy stamping!

Monday, 16 September 2013

Where do you get your creativity from?

Hi Crafters,

This week I ran my first class and it's been a while. The ladies who were part of the evening already had great crafting skills, so I didn't need to make it simple but instead decided to make it a bit of a challenge for their crafting abilities.
Normally I would only give them one technique to use on the card, but decided instead to give them two techniques on the one card.
However in order to create this card, ideas and inspiration has been lacking as of late. Which got me thinking, where do you get your creativity from?

I  could have look at some sites and have created a card, however I wanted to make this my own so instead found some great card sketches and created something from those. All I can say is Google is fantastic, I punched in the words "card sketches" and my screen was filled with great ideas that I could create from.
Below are a few I really liked but didn't end up using - but what could you do with these? Give it a go, and don't forget to place the sketch below your card so everyone can see.

Now onto this weeks pics...

Have a great week everyone!

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Short and Sweet

Hi Crafters,

Well I'm officially back to Sunday night posts again, had the Rugby Prize giving on Saturday so Rugby is over for the season... phew back to normality.

Make a Statement Digital Tour was held on Saturday in Auckland, and from what I've seen and heard it was fantastic. I've seen a few great examples already by looking at your Blogs, and have included them in this weeks "pics of the week" I didn't get a chance to attend but I know from working with the programme how fantastic it is!

That's all for now folks, I'm still battling a cold so will make this short and sweet. I hope you all have a fantastic week playing with your MDS software and can't wait to see more examples next week.

Now for this weeks pics...

Have a great week everyone

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

When do you give out the food at a party?

Hi Crafters,

We had our final game of rugby last week and the boys performed really well, winning their final game of the season - bringing their win tally to 19 out of 19... yes a clean sweep!! Both myself and my husband (Manager and Coach) are very proud of our Under 8 Restricted Eels, sitting top of the table undefeated!

Now back to the topic at hand, "When do you give out food at a party?". For new demonstrators even the little things like when to serve food can be something you will need to think about. I am very lucky to have a great up-line in Ann Wills,  who ran me through everything I needed to know about getting that first party sorted. Below are a few tips that helped me...

On the party night

  • Get your host to hand out a drink to her guests on arrival, while you introduce yourself and make them feel welcome.
  • Have the food ready in the kitchen, cold items under wraps and hot items placed in the oven to cook later.
  • Once you have finished your card making and presentation and about to hand out the order forms, get the hostess to turn the oven on and cook the hot items.
  • While the food is cooking you can answer any questions guests may have and take in orders. This will normally co-inside with the food being ready so they can then have something to eat once they have finished. The guests can then sit and relax and while they are chatting you can give the hostess the good news on free product she has received.

This is the formula that seems to have worked for me. Guests don't want to have food in hand while making cards, and most people chat while having food so best to leave it till the end.

Now onto this weeks pics...

Have a great week everyone!!