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"To love what we do and share what we love,as we help others enjoy creativity and worthwhile accomplishments... in this we make a difference!"

Monday, 27 May 2013

What a fantastic convention...

Hello crafters!!

Wow is all I can say... I attended my very first convention and what a fantastic experience it was. Not only did I meet some great new people but also learnt some great business ideas.

The one that I loved the most was "Creating a blueprint for success" taken by Louise Sharp and Brian Pilling. They gave me some great ideas on how I can build my business without effecting my family and lifestyle. Stampin' Up! give us the tools and the equipment to create a thriving business but we can make it what we want and however big we want it to be.

The other class I enjoyed was "Meet new people, find new faces" taken by Bonnie Thurber and she was a hoot! She made us laugh along while giving us great ideas about customers and what we can do to increase their numbers. One of the best parts was when she asked us to fill in the gap. "Customers are like....." with the best answer being "Customers are like chocolate, some are sweet and others may contain nuts" Lol

I have a special mention on this weeks Pics and it goes out to Emma Knight, she is Rachael Knights daughter and she created her first MDS card for Mothers Day, what a great job you did Emma...

Have a great week stampers.

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Only 4 days to go until convention

Hi Crafters,

Excited yet! Only 4 days until convention and I've heard some of you have already started heading out towards lovely Brisbane - as for me only 3 more sleeps to go and I can't wait!

Next week there will be a delay in posting due to the fact I'm away, but no doubt I'll have some stories when I get back.

Now onto the pics...

Better go and finish my swaps, have a safe and fun week everyone!

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Hope you all had a fantastic Mothers Day!!

Hi Stampers,

Well I'm sitting here and it's almost 4am while doing this post the reason is I've been spending the last few weeks prepping photos from a photo shot I took, and while I'm a little late I did indulged myself with a day off on Sunday and did NOTHING! While enjoying my 8th Mothers Day.

I can now tick that job off and onto the next... convention swaps; all the items have been on our table for the last week half done I'm lucky I have such an understanding husband.

I hope you all had a fantastic Mothers Day; I made a fantastic card from Ann Wills stamp club which my Mother-in-law loved.

Enjoy this week’s pic...

Have a fantastic week everyone... PS only 9 sleeps to go

Sunday, 5 May 2013

18 days and counting

Hi Stampers,

Well it's only 18 days now until convention and I'm really getting excited. Remember registration closes tomorrow Monday 6th May, so be quick if you want to go!!.

I've had a fun week this week with the computer breaking down and my camera playing up,  that I almost wasn't able to post this week. However with a stroke of luck the computer is being nice today and I can put together the pics of the week.

Each week I have to select from all your great card making creations and some weeks are harder than others, this week being the hardest. I only get to select 9 pics (otherwise you can't really see the images) but I did end the week with 15 and after a long hard sort through,  I managed to get 9... phew

Enjoy this weeks pics...

Middle Row L-R: Ann Wills, Delys Cram, Julia Leece
Have a fantastic week...