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Sunday, 28 April 2013

Convention is almost here...

Hi Stampers,

Well it's only 24 days away from the Australasian Stampin Up Convention, and if your as excited as I am, you've already thought about packing your bags or may have even started. I think a spare carryon bag will come in handy for all those extra goodies you'll get.

Here are some items you could think about bringing...

· A map - download a map of the area you could plan ahead and organise some places to go on your down time.
· A journal - don't forget to add those special moments down on paper.
· A camera - not only to take photos of swaps but all the people you meet and places you’ve been.
· A small drawstring backpack - one that can be folded down so when you want to pop down to the shops or go sightseeing, so you’re not taking a big bag everywhere.
· Sunglasses - even though were inside most of the day you’ll still need to pop out for lunch and I know I always forget these.
Also a little tip to help make your clothing items smaller in your suitcase (so you have more room for other things) I roll all my cloths up in a roll.
If you have any cool ideas on what to bring and would like to share drop me an e-mail.

Now onto the pics...
Have a great week everyone!

Monday, 22 April 2013

MDS Challenge #1

Hi Guys,

Well school holidays are here and I'm enjoying not getting up early each morning to drop the kids to school.
MDS challenge #1

This week I thought I'd do an MDS challenge, it's been a while since my last. All you need to do is make a card or page usng the colour combination below. You can use any embellishment or stamp set, just mark the post "NZSU MDS challenge #1".

Competition Dates: Monday 22nd April - Monday 6th May

Winners Announced: Sunday 12th May

Conditions: Must be produced on the Stampin Up MDS software.

Challenge Colours
(Melon Mambo, Daffodile Delight, Tempting Turquoise)

As a winner you will be posted on the site and can use the NZSU winner flag on the winning post.
Now onto pics of the week...
Have a great week everyone :)

Sunday, 14 April 2013

MDS week 2

Hi Stampers,

Well some of you might already have kids/Grandkids home for the school holidays and some of you might be waiting till the end of this week like me.

Why not entertain your kids by letting them use MDS and get them to take pictures of something they have enjoyed within the week, then get them to lay them up on a MDS page. Doesn't have to be full of embellishments, just something to show how they felt - that's the joy of MDS paper waste control.

Tricks: If you want to move an object within a page a fraction, you can either click on the item until the grey square appears and move it with your mouse or my tip is to use the arrow buttons on your computer key board. This will move them a small position in direct of the arrows.

Tips: With MDS being a downloadable item, make sure to back up the programme file on either an external hard drive or DVD. This saves you downloading again should your computer experience problems.

Now onto Pics of the week...
Have a great week everyone.

Sunday, 7 April 2013

MDS Week 1

Hi All,

This is the first of my MDS Tips so I thought I would share some tips from others you may enjoy.

Ann Wills: Before you open your MDS, right click on the icon and choose 'Run as Administrator'. This will allow you to use more functions such as making your own punch shapes (Only required when using Windows Vista or newer)

Jacquelyn Williams : When filling a punch with DSP, double click within the punch shape and the "Punch Image Editor" field appears. This gives you the ability to reduce or enlarge the DSP or select a certain area within the paper.

My tip is: If your wanting multiple images drop shadowed, hold the "shift" key down and click on each image, this gives you the ability to make one drop shadow percentage across all images instead of doing each one individually.

If you would like your tips or tricks published, just drop me a line and I will link your blog to the tip for that week.

Now onto pics of the week:

Have a fantastic week everyone.

Monday, 1 April 2013


Hi All,

Hope you all had a fantastic Easter Sunday. I ended up with 23+ people at our house for fun games and Easter hunts with the kids, hence the one day delay in my post this week.

As you know MDS was released within New Zealand and Australia last week and I'm sure most computers have been overflowing with great creations.

Starting next week I thought I would go over a few tips and tricks for this programme, so watch this space.

Now on to the pics for the week...

Have a fantastic week everyone.