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Sunday, 7 April 2013

MDS Week 1

Hi All,

This is the first of my MDS Tips so I thought I would share some tips from others you may enjoy.

Ann Wills: Before you open your MDS, right click on the icon and choose 'Run as Administrator'. This will allow you to use more functions such as making your own punch shapes (Only required when using Windows Vista or newer)

Jacquelyn Williams : When filling a punch with DSP, double click within the punch shape and the "Punch Image Editor" field appears. This gives you the ability to reduce or enlarge the DSP or select a certain area within the paper.

My tip is: If your wanting multiple images drop shadowed, hold the "shift" key down and click on each image, this gives you the ability to make one drop shadow percentage across all images instead of doing each one individually.

If you would like your tips or tricks published, just drop me a line and I will link your blog to the tip for that week.

Now onto pics of the week:

Have a fantastic week everyone.

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