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Sunday, 28 April 2013

Convention is almost here...

Hi Stampers,

Well it's only 24 days away from the Australasian Stampin Up Convention, and if your as excited as I am, you've already thought about packing your bags or may have even started. I think a spare carryon bag will come in handy for all those extra goodies you'll get.

Here are some items you could think about bringing...

· A map - download a map of the area you could plan ahead and organise some places to go on your down time.
· A journal - don't forget to add those special moments down on paper.
· A camera - not only to take photos of swaps but all the people you meet and places you’ve been.
· A small drawstring backpack - one that can be folded down so when you want to pop down to the shops or go sightseeing, so you’re not taking a big bag everywhere.
· Sunglasses - even though were inside most of the day you’ll still need to pop out for lunch and I know I always forget these.
Also a little tip to help make your clothing items smaller in your suitcase (so you have more room for other things) I roll all my cloths up in a roll.
If you have any cool ideas on what to bring and would like to share drop me an e-mail.

Now onto the pics...
Have a great week everyone!

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