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Friday, 20 February 2009

Web anyone??

Here's the update, although some of the web host places I checked out looked good.  I couldn't find one that would have anything similar to the blog roll.  And since the blog roll is the main feature here we definitely don't want to lose that.  So for now the blog will remain as it is, with the odd change/addition every now and then.

This blog is getting rather big and I was thinking it may be easier for me and everyone else if I changed it over to a web page rather than a blog.  Unfortunately I know nothing about running web pages and the only one I've really looked at is on my Mac using Mobile Me which cost $150/year.

Keep an eye out I may use their free trial and you can have a look at how it would look and work over the weekend.  I would really appreciate feedback on what you think.

If you know anything about webhosting etc please email me



Hi Trudi I wish I knew more about computers but I dont:0 But i think you shoul do whatever is best for you because you are the one doing all the work!!!

Keryn Campbell said...

We use freewebs for our little pen turning business. It can be clunky but no more so than blogger or anything else that's free. I like it that we can have pages behind the home page to link to.

Michelle said...

Hey Trudi - It's such a wonderful blog, and a fabulous resource that it would be great to do whatever you need to keep it going, and make it easy for you to update etc. THANK YOU again for all your work that makes this blog so successful!