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Sunday, 28 February 2010

New direction?

Hi, this is Karen here. I've thought about the best way to continue on with the great tradition Trudi handed over to me - I do remember how she was such a caring  person & shared so much stuff & I've tried to use that as my focus for the weekly inspiration - looking for demos that share how they create their projects.

A big thank you all the demso that played along with the weekly challenges but it seems to me with the Just Add Ink weekly challenges that maybe the way forward for NZSU blogs & to carry on with Trudi's tradition is to ask demos with great projects to write them up for us & tell us a little bit about themselves - so no pressure but Paula Dobson has agreed to do the first one with her Impossible Box & then Mr Linky may return for us all to play along with too.

If you'd like to share something do contact me directly or I'll be tapping you on the shoulder to help. This is a great place which I know we all enjoy & benefit from.


Paula said...

Geeeeesh! No pressure Karen! I guess my job today will be to sit down and do the tutorial. I should really be thanking you. I sometimes need a push to get things done. Watch this space!

Anonymous said...

You go girl! You're more than up to it, Paula! :-)

Keryn Campbell said...

And you've done a fantastic job Paula.

Karen feel free to tap me on the shoulder for anything you see on my blog. Also I've started doing You Tube videos mostly aimed at the basics but if you think any of those would work on the NZSU blog feel free to use those too.