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Sunday, 17 February 2013

Week 3 Photo Tips - Final

Hi Everyone,

I hope you have enjoyed the photo tips over the last few weeks, I have enjoyed sharing my experience with you all.
I'm going to finish off the tips this week by focusing on final presentation. As you know we have covered:

  • Making sure your camera lens is clean.
  • Shooting your image on a neutral background, preferably lighter in colour.
  • Make sure you allow enough background in the image, but not too much that it looks lost in the picture.
  • If taking photos inside using a flash, make sure the flash is strong enough to cover the image.
  • When taking a photo in natural light, make sure the sun is sitting behind your back.
The next stage is placing your object face up - lying it down will make the image look lopsided and potentially out of shape. If your photographing a card, slightly tilt the card so you can see it in a three dimensional manner - this creates depth. When shooting a scrapbook page, prop it up; a book stand is a great background support (set it in front of the stand so you don't see the supports), and always make sure you have the camera in focus. 
  • Place your image upright.
  • Create depth by slightly tilting the card
  • Make sure you have the image in focus. 

 Now into the Pics of the week...

I wish you all a fantastic week!

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