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Monday, 5 August 2013

How do you prepare for a class?

Hi Crafters,
I got asked today to be a Professional Photography guest speaker at my sons school for Art Attack Week. Although very excited and privileged to be asked, it got me thinking about "how do I prepare for this" especially when the target audience are all under 10 years old.

We all tend to do things automatically, often without thinking too much about it. Like taking a picture with a camera, or even making a card. But to explain this to someone can sometimes make you think "how much information is too much"

So when preparing for a Stampin Up party or class I think the same rules apply:

1.      How old are the attendees - kids or adults.

2.      What level of experience do they have.

3.      What skillset do you want to teach them without losing them.

4.      What will keep them interested.

5.      How can you make it fun!

Once you have the first 2 sorted, you can base your class around the next 3.

I've personally taught adults and kids. For kids I just focused on how to punch out on card stock, how to hold a stamp and use a stamp pad - where as for adults, I've taught them how to heat emboss and techniques like rock and roll

I'm going to leave you with this "How do you prepare for your classes"

Now onto this weeks pics...


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