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Sunday, 23 August 2015

NZSU Pics of the Week 23 August 2015

Is Spring nearly here? It's going to be a great weekend weather wise for most of New Zealand. I'm heading to Christchurch this weekend to visit our youngest Grandson and his Dad as well as my dear sister in-law. 
Brian and I are travelling overseas on the 3rd September returning to NZ on the 30th September, we are visiting the USA and Canada, so the NZSU Blog posts may be a little late sometimes. Most of the hotels we are staying at have Wifi, however we are on a 9 night cruise into Canada which may prove a little challenging, last year we experienced only limited internet connection while on a cruise. So apologies in advance, I will keep in touch as best I can over this time.
Have a fantastic week.

2nd Row:   Lisa Bullock   Paula Dobson   Paula Reid

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