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Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Link list

This is frustrating me so much!!!!
Lisa has just started blogging and I've been helping to set up her blog this evening. Everything is working fine except for one thing. Her link above. It's not linking straight to her blog. If anyone knows how to fix it PLEASE let me know. I don't know what else to try.
Thanks for your help.

addit: Thanks for your comments - good to hear it's working for you.  It must be my computer, because now its doing it to everyone's links.

addit: 9/8 I think its a blogger issue, cause now the links have disappeared completely.  I'll add another links list in the side bar, so everyone can still access blogs from here until blogger sort themselves out.


Karen Rogers said...

The link is working fine for me - love the coffee cup layout. WOW this is so exciting so many more NZ blogs to inspire us all. Thanks everybody for sharing :-)

delysc said...

Its now linking to her blog Trudi. i think it just needed some hits on her blog to do the trick?

Karen Rogers said...

Ahhhh you might have looked around 10pm - I find something happens to all the links at that time - must be a Blogger thing. I e-mailed you last week about it as I couldn't see anything

Lisa Green said...

I can't see ANYONE's Links, and I checked the NZSU Blog after you added me (just to see my name there *smile*) and I was there with everyone else, now we're all gone, hope it sorts it self out soon!
P.S. Thanks hugely for your help!

Sarah said...

Yup, it's a blogger thing - the blogroll widget is a little buggy. It comes and goes at times but always sorts itself out thank goodness!