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Monday, 12 October 2009

Change is Good..

Hi Trudi here, for the first time in a long time.
Sorry for the absence - things have been busy as usual and then we had a family crisis to deal with, so now things are starting to come right.

For the new demos who've emailed me to add their blogs, sorry for the delay, your blogs are now added to the blog roll. If I've missed you please email me your details and I'll add you ASAP.

Hope you like the new look, its thanks to Karen Rogers, a wonderful lady who has come on board to help with running NZSU. She's still getting rid of a few kinks with some of the links so please be patient. I'm sure it'll be running smoothly soon enough.

I hope you are all well, enjoying some peace and quiet for those with children who've returned to school. I'm in the process to putting the house back together.

Happy stamping and scrapping,


Hi and a quickie from Karen - don't tell me you hate the new look or I'll cry as it was a major job to re-add everyone to the links again. I'll try & post weekly inspiration from New Zealand & maybe it's time to start a few more challenges.

If I've spelt your name wrong or you want the link to say something different e-mail me HERE & I'll fix it up ASAP.

ciao for now Karen


KarenR said...

Trudi you beat me to the punch!

Anonymous said...

Looks fantastic! Well done Karen!

Tracee, Peter, Hayden, Campbell and Bridie said...

Hey Karen, what a fantastic job - you rock!

Anonymous said...

It looks awesome! You're amazing, Karen! :-)

Keryn Campbell said...

Love the new look Karen.

I will be watching with my fingers crossed for the inspiration and the challenges.

Michelle said...

Fabulous job Karen - really great that you're helping out Trudi with the blog! Think the challenges & inspiration would be really great for us.
Well done!