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Sunday, 18 October 2009

Inspiration - really cute Christmas ornament

Hi all, as promised on my blurfing (blog surfing this last week) I found this cute Christmas ornament which I really loved,  that Helen Williams from Timaru created - it may have something to do with the gorgeous DSP Ski Slope that's my favourite at the moment but I think I just love the gorgeous box she's created for it to go in.

What a cool present would this be & dare I say it; it's now only 72 days to Christmas plus this DSP retires November 30 so don't be tardy - contact your demonstrator today to order some.

You can check out Helen's post HERE with a link to how to create the ornament and to see her cute box.

Thanks Helen for sharing.



Helen Williams said...

Thanks Karen for reading my blog. This is a great honour.
Have a great week.

Anna Sutherland said...

Well deserved, it really is a great wee project.