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Sunday, 16 June 2013

Prepping Tips Week 2

Hi All,

This week I'm following on from last weeks prepping tips so I'll now cover how to make sure your computer screen matches your prints.

As you may already know, there are more than one type of computer display monitor which means colours can vary between screens. The best way to make sure what your adjusting on the display matches the printed version is to calibrate. This can be achieved by using calibration software, however for day to day images this is not necessary. A method I use is to print out a calibration image as shown below and then match your screen to match the image.

NOTE: The most important colours to note are your blacks and whites. Make sure your printer is not running out of ink and producing a bad print. Place a piece of white card stock next to the whites on the image and check if they look good to go.

Once you are confident your printer is setup as you want it to, hold the printed image up against the monitor and play with the settings (on your monitor) to match the print. You may need to adjust your brightness and contrast along with your colours. Once this is done you're good to prep your images for your blog.

Next week I'll follow on by explaining how to get the best colours.

Now onto this weeks pics...

Middle Row L-R: Paula Reid, Karen Rogers, Debbie Lamb.
Until Next week...

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