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Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Prepping tips week 3

Hi Crafters,

Sorry for the late post this week, I ended up spending two days in bed recovering from a cold. I'm now up and awake and ready to continue on from last week's tips...

Over the last few weeks I have discussed making sure your equipment is running well for taking pictures, making sure your monitor is looking good, and now I'll cover how to get those pictures looking great!.

Some factors may affect your image colour. These could be the lighting used, the overall image colour, or even the flash distance. If any of these factors have effected your image you will need to apply changes and the best way to explain this is to show you.

Using the sample image from last week, I have changed the contrast and brightness along with the colours. The picture will show how colour and contrast/brightness changes will effect your image. Using your selected programme i.e. Microsoft Paint / Photoshop apply the changes as explained below.

When adjusting colours remember this rule; The opposite to Cyan is Red, the opposite to Magenta is Green and the opposite to Yellow is Blue.

So if your image is too yellow, you'll need to add in some blue or if your image is too magenta add in some green and so on. I find the hardest colour to identify is Blue and Magenta, they look very similar, if your unsure hold a piece of white paper against your monitor or the print as per below, this will give you a better idea of the colour.

You image may need to be adjusted in more than one colour, for example you may need to add red and remove magenta, so you will need to add red and add green (green being the opposite to Magenta).

I'm not expecting you to understand this straight away, it took me 10 years of industry experience to have this knowledge, so hopefully with the basic information you can play with your images and see how it works in your own time. Ow but remember to "SAVE AS" and change the file name or you will wright over the original image.

   What adjustments can do to your image.

Hold  piece of white paper against it to see what colour it looks like.
Example of colour and contrast change
The Image on the right is to dark, flat and red. while the image on the left has been adjusted to look cleaner and the card looks white.
If you have any questions about these facts or you want to know more please feel free to contact me.
No onto the pics for this week...
Bottom Row L-R: Paula Dobson, Judy Beetson, Ann Wills.

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